Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?
Applications are accepted from November 1st through December 24th 2017.
When is the placement?
Selected students will be placed in a lab for five days, Monday to Friday, during their spring breaks.
What should I include in my essay?
In your essay you shall explain why you should be a GRFAW candidate. Include your overall average and the percentage of your grades for your previous complete academic year. In addition, you would tell us about your future education/career plan, your volunteer/extra-curricular activities in line with your passion for science, your goals if you get selected in this program.
How long should my essay be? What is the accepted format?
Your essay should be 300-500 words in word or PDF format. It can be written in English or French.
I have not completed the requested marks in grade 12, can I enter my overall average and completed marks from the last grade?
Yes. If you are in grade 12 but don’t have all the corresponding marks, then you would enter your completed marks and overall average from grad 11 (e.g. Math 11 or biology 11 marks).
I am in Grade 11 but did not take biology 11 yet, what grade should I enter for biology?
If you are in grade 11 and still did not complete the biology 11, then enter Science 10 mark in that field.
Are you accepting CEGEP students?
Yes. All students in CEGEP Level-I are eligible to apply for this program.
I am a student in Sec5, can I apply?
Yes. Quebec students, in secondary 5 are eligible to apply to this program.
I applied last year but did not get accepted, can I apply this year?
Yes. All the applicants who weren’t selected last year can still apply for this program if they meet the requirements.
How many students are accepted?
This varies each year. Typically, 40-50 students will be selected each year to participate in mentoring labs.
Can I upload my essay in a later time?
No. You should complete your registration, including your essay, in one sitting.
How can I make sure that I have indicated the right spring break dates?
You would confirm the spring dates with your teacher or school prior to completing your application.
For my overall grade percentage, is that asking for all classes I have completed in the grade 11 or just for the four grades I provided?
The overall average is of all the completed classes in the grade 11.
I skipped one grade and I am turning 16 by the start of the program, can I still apply?
You should calculate your age by the date of your spring break. If you are not 16 by the time, then you will not be accepted in the program.
My spring break is mid April; can I still apply for the program?
Yes. If you get selected, you will be sent to a lab during your spring break.
Is previous biology knowledge required or will I be taught everything I need to know there?
Yes. This is a short program to make you familiar with genetic research in the lab. You would need to have taken the biology/science courses prior to applying for this program.
Can I enter my email address for my parent/Guardian?
No. You need to enter a distinct email for them.
Should my teacher send her recommendation letter by email?
No. We will create a space for teachers on grfaw website where they can upload their letters. Your teacher will receive a detailed email from us.
Can I access my account during review process?
No. Your account will be locked temporarily for the reviewer’s access. You will not be able to update or edit your application during that time. If you need to update your contact details, you can send a request to
When can I expect to hear about my application status?
You can consult for the program time table.
Where can I get information about the type of genetic research?
You can visit grfaw booklet available on the website under program description tab.
Should my parents or guardian send you their consent by email?
No. Your parent/guardian will receive an email from us with an instruction to the website and online consent submission.